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What is the requirement documents for application ?

Genereally you have to upload

  1. Diploma Copy
  2. Transkript Copy
  3. Passport Copy 

When you fill the Application Form that is in the our website you will sent all documents already. But sometimes universities may wish more documents. İn this case we reach you for more informations and documents.

What ı have to do for Application?

You have to find your university and department from the search list. Then below the university there is Apply Now link. When you click the link you will reach the Application Form. You will fill all blanks and you will upload the requirement documents. Then you will finish your application. After then we will start your application process. 

How much I have to pay for your services?

We don’t take any money for the application and follow the other process from the students. 

When can ı get my acceptance letter?

Acceptance Letter process is changeable. Depends on University and departments. But generally it takes between 2-15 days. Turkey University Center follows all process in order to take your acceptance letter as soon as possible.

Can I take Visa with that acceptance letter?

When you recieve your acceptance letter you can apply student visa from Turkish Embassy. Ebassies giving “Education Visa” to the student who has real acceptance letter from the universities based in Turkey.

How Much ı have to pay for my acceptance letter?

The students has to pay deposit before taking the acceptance letter. This deposit generally 1000 US Dolar. İt may change depends on departmant and university. Some university may want 500 US Dolar or half of the tuition fee. But before payment you will take a pre-acceptance letter. o the pre-acceptance letter you will see the you deposit amount and university official accounts. When you pay the deposit you will sent us the decont about your payment. This amount will reduce from the tuition fee when you make your registration.